Nouveau moteur du Phenix


Engine B22 Aeropower

The B22 is a wonderful expression of Italian style and technology. The engine is impressive, not only for the high technology content but also for its beauty,  for the accuracy of the details and for its sleek design, result of a complete design, fruit of 6 years of development.

B22R 130HP@4550RPM integrated reduction gearbox 84Kg (185 Lb)

The B22R has been designed as a group. Everything that is necessary for the engine is installed on the engine.

The engine has:

· Integrated oil tank

· Integrated attachment point

· ECU (Electronic Control Unit)

· Wiring loom

· Thermostat

· Water tank with pressurized cap

· Throttle synchronized command

· Fuel rail

· Fuel pressure regulator

· Generator

· Voltage regulator

· Start relay

· Starter

Therefore the installation of the B22R is  very easy, safe and fast.

The engine weight 79kg (174lb) include all the components installed on the engine.

The engine is supplied with:

  • N. 8 Shock absorbers
  • N.1 Fuel pump
  • N.1 Fuel filter
  • N.1 HSA_M (or HSA-M CAN for the  EMS version)
  • N. 2 Connectors
  • N.1 CD Manual
  • N.1 Basic tools for maintenance

In the EMS version, the engine is supplied with the engine sensors and the wiring loom already installed. All engine data are transmitted via CAN line from both ECU to the E-Safe. The E-Safe EMS version  will sent all engine data on a different CAN line using the standard CAN AEROSPACE protocol.

For all versions of the B22R engine,  the water radiator, the exhaust system and the adapter for the bed installation are optional, and if required, they must be ordered separately



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