8th Annual Flight Operations Conference

@ Autogire Aircraft Factory

@ Autogire Aircraft Factory

The 8th Annual Flight Operations Conference is the world’s leading Flight Operations event and focuses wholly on the key, strategic issues that effect the operating of commercial aircraft.

This year, amongst other items, the event is focusing on the key issues of:

>> The Change in  EFB Classification – a Regulators Viewpoint;  

>> Tablet Strategy for the Flight Deck (inc. iPad vs Windows Electronic Flight Bags);

>> Aircraft / EFB Connectivity;  

>> EFB Case Studies;

>> Latest Aircraft & Engine Types Performance Analysis (787/A330neo);

>> Latest Flight Deck Technologies

>> EU ETS;  

>> Biofuel;

>> Fuel Efficiency Solutions

The Flight Operations Conference provides airlines and aircraft operators with an outstanding one-stop solution to streamline, increase efficiency and ultimately save costs within their aircraft operating procedures. The key issues include:

  • Tablets in the Flight Deck:  iPad vs Windows EFBs; Aer Lingus iPad EFB case study; plus Tablet EFB connectivity including crucial security issues.
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB):  EFB Case Studies: Aer Lingus, TUIfly, Danish Air Transport, GlobeAir & ProJet Europe. Regulators Viewpoint: The change to classless EFB classification.
  • Aircraft Connectivity:  An overview of Flight Deck connectivity; EFB connectivity; A350 Flight Deck WiFi
  • Latest Aircraft & Engine Types:  787 & A330neo performance analysis.
  • Fuel Efficiency:  Next Generation Fuel Management Software; airline Fuel Efficiency case studies.
  • Aviation Biofuel:   An industry update on the latest biofuel programs and an analysis of operations data from a real-life flight using biofuel.
  • Latest Innovations:  Taxiing without using engines; airBaltic AMBER project; Post-flight analysis solutions
  • Speakers Include:  Aer Lingus; Air Canada, airBaltic; Danish Air Transport; Lufthansa; GlobeAir; ProJet; TUIfly; Airbus; ETS Verification; and more..
  • Latest IT Solutions:  IT has become vitally important as airlines strive to cut costs operating their aircraft. The latest solutions are analysed including: iPad/tablet technologyFuel saving systems, EFBs, Flight Planning, Operations Documentation, eTechLog, Post-flight data analysis. The event also gives you the outstanding opportunity to demo the latest solutions from the world’s leading vendors opposite who are exhibiting their solutions during the event. Click here to learn more about the IT products the vendors will be exhibiting.
There are a number of special offers and early booking discounts which make this event extremely cost effective to attend. Airline / Aircraft Operators can benefit from complimentary accommodation via the VIP delegate scheme:


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